Thank you for your interest in the leadership roles we have on offer. These vacancies offer successful candidates a great opportunity to be part of something special and to make a real impact. Ashfield District Council is at a crucial point and I need talented, ambitious and motivated people to help me shape a future for the Council and the District which is aligned to the Corporate Plan and Strategic Direction. Having taken up post as Chief Executive just under 3 years ago I am proud to say that the Council is realising its potential having achieved a positive cultural shift. This is supported by a very positive LGA Peer Challenge which shows the progress and positive trajectory the Council is on.
The Council is under no illusions about the many and diverse financial challenges ahead and the need to secure quality leaders in very influential and important roles. Our leadership roles are at the forefront of providing timely professional advice to myself, the Corporate Leadership Team, Elected Members and Officers. You will be required to provide professional advice to inform decision making and be involved in all aspects of the Council's business and work across Directorates on key projects such as our dynamic commercialisation agenda and capital projects. You will be empowered and accountable for delivering key objectives.
Ashfield has a lot to offer successful candidates and I can assure you of a positive and flexible working environment in which you can develop your career, ably supported by an excellent Leadership Development Programme.


Robert Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

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