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Planning and Property

Government sets the broad planning framework through national planning policy.   Within this context, most planning decisions are undertaken by councils, as the local planning authority.  The legislative framework divides planning into Forward Planning and Development Management.

Forward Planning officers work with councillors to bring forward a Local Plan. The Local Plan sets out to residents, local businesses, infrastructure providers, developers, and other interested parties how the Council sees the area changing (or not changing) into the future.    The Plan reflects an evidence base and is taken forward in stages over a period of time with public consultation over the Plan’s proposals.  

The final (adopted) Local Plan will set out policies which are used as a basis to determine planning applications, which allocates land for specific uses and which protects land/buildings important for environmental, heritage or community purposes.  

Talk to the Council’s Forward Planning Team to ensure you understand what is proposed to happen in your area and the dates for the various stages of generating the Local Plan.

Development Management officers together with councillors on the Planning Committee put the Local Plan into action through the detailed, day to day decisions made on planning applications.  

Development Management involves a wide range of planning activities.  This includes:

  • analysing and taking into account any views that the public and others have made through consultation;
  • Influencing, negotiating and engaging, where necessary, to improve applications; and
  • making a decision on the application with reasons, when there are often conflicting view points.  

You have the opportunity to be involved in the future of your locality by making your views known as part of the consultation on a planning application.  A list of planning applications is on the Council’s website, application may be advertised in the local paper, look out for site notices or respond to individual letters of notification. 


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