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Building Control section

For general enquiries and inspection requests please contact us at:


Admin, building control submissions and general enquiries.

Tel: 01623 457394


Inspection requests must be received by 10.00am for an inspection on the same day.


Any technical queries, please contact the officers listed below (please note: they are unavailable between 10.30am and 2.30pm)



Richard Scott
(Principal Officer)

Principal Building Control Officer

01623 457387
Garry Williamson Area Building Control Officer

01623 457392
David Bradbury Area Building Control Officer

01623 457390
Andy Hill Area Building Control Officer

01623 457386
Kevin Pike Area Building Control Officer

01623 457391


Ordnance Survey site plans can be provided for building regulation and planning purposes. Please contact the GIS and Land Charges section on 01623 457281 to request a print, or alternatively download the OS Print order form.


Building Control Register

The Building Control regulations are made under powers provided in the Building Act 1984. They apply to the majority of building projects. Their ultimate aim is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. They also provide standards for energy conservation and access and facilities for disabled people.

Anyone wishing to carry out work which is covered by the Building Regulations must ensure it complies with the regulations and submit a valid application or initial notice prior to commencing the work.


The Building Control Section holds the public registers for Initial Notices received from approved inspectors for both commercial and domestic works.

This information is available for inspection on the Approved Inspectors Register. View location on MOLE


The information held on the building control register of applications is NOT a publicly viewable register. Therefore, all enquiries relating to whether Building Regulation applications exist on a property are only obtainable through a tailored report request or information request submitted to the council.

Further information on tailored reports

Further information on submitting a Property Information Request

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