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Ashfield Emerging Local Plan

The Ashfield Local Plan (2017-2032) - Publication Document

Following a successful period of public consultation in February and March, the Council has refined the District’s emerging Local Plan to create the Publication Local Plan.

This document was approved by Council on 6th October 2016, as the Local Plan it wishes to adopt. Once adopted, the Local Plan will guide development across the District over the next 15 years (up to 2032). In order to do this in a sustainable way, the Local Plan must balance the protection and enhancement of the District’s environmental assets, with the need to provide homes and employment opportunities for Ashfield’s residents.

Whilst difficult decisions have had to be made to achieve this balance, the Council believes a deliverable Local Plan has been created that will benefit existing and future residents across the District.


Local Plan Preferred Approach Consultation February & March 2016

Responses to the Local Plan Preferred Approach Consultation are set out in the following document:

Statement of Consultation (Regulation 18 Statement)


How to Read the Plan

How to read the plan sets out a short summary of the Local Plan Publication with explanatory information and links to supporting documents:

How to Read the Ashfield Publication Local Plan


Final period of consultation

The Council is now publishing the Local Plan for its final round of consultation before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination. The role of the consultation is to assess whether the local plan is:

  1. legally compliant;
  2. sound; and
  3. that the duty to cooperate has been met.


For example:

  • If your response relates to the way the Local Plan has been prepared, it is likely to relate to whether it is legal or not.
  • If your response relates to the content of the Local Plan and the strategy it adopts, it is likely to relate to whether it is sound or not.
  • If your response relates to the way in which Ashfield District Council has worked with other authorities, it is likely to relate to the duty to co-operate.


As such comments submitted must relate to these 3 elements.


How to respond

Comments submitted during this period will be considered by the appointed planning inspector and not the Council.

The Council has created a response form to help people make comments on the above elements and a guidance note to help people complete the form:


Interactive comments form

PDF comments form

Guidance note on comments form


The 6 week period of consultation is to start on 4th November and close at 5:00 pm on the 19th December. Comments received after this time cannot be considered by the planning inspector.


Paper copies of the consultation documents (excluding Sustainability Appraisal and evidence base studies) can be viewed at the following locations:


Ashfield Homes Broadway

Brook Street, Sutton

Sutton  in Ashfield Library

Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton

Skegby & Stanton Hill Library

Mansfield Road, Skegby

Huthwaite Library

Sutton Road, Huthwaite

Council Offices

Urban Road, Kirkby

Kirkby in Ashfield Library

Ashfield Precinct, Kirkby

Annesley Acacia Centre

Acacia Centre, Acacia Avenue, Annesley Woodhouse

Jacksdale Library

Selston Road, Jacksdale

Selston Library

Chapel Road, Selston

Hucknall Library

South Street, Hucknall

Edgewood Library

Christchurch Road, Hucknall



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