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Housing services for Ashfield District Council tenants and management of its housing stock are carried out by Ashfield Homes Ltd.


On 1 October 2016, the management of the Council’s housing stock was transferred back to Ashfield District Council.

Housing services are now directly managed by Ashfield Homes Service Directorate, Ashfield District Council.

Anything on this website that reads Ashfield Homes Limited should now be considered as Ashfield Homes Service Directorate.


Ashfield Homes Ltd                                                   Ashfield Homes

Ashfield Homes Ltd works under contract from the council and manages the Housing Register, allocates and arranges tenancies, carries out repairs and gives advice on subjects like rent payments and moving house.  Many of these services are available online. Visit Ashfield Homes Limited if you would like to apply to go on the Housing Register or require information on the Homes Exchange Scheme.

If you are an existing tenant of Ashfield Homes, housing association or another council, and you wish to move, you may be able to exchange homes with another tenant, even if they are not with the same landlord as you under the Homeswapper Scheme. Go to Homeswapper Home Scheme to find out more.


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The Council also provides other services, delivered by the Strategic Housing Section through the teams shown below:


Strategic Housing Team

 Private Sector Housing Enforcement

Homeless and Housing Options Service

Finding a home in Ashfield

Ashfield is a great place to live, whether you're looking at buying or renting. There is a mix of housing available no matter what your circumstances. Here you can find out more information about finding a place to live in Ashfield.

Finding a Council or Housing Association Home: 

Ashfield and Mansfield Homefinder

This scheme allows registered applicants to 'bid' on advertised properties that are available to rent throughout both areas, increasing choice and fairness for people applying for housing.

Housing Associations

Private Renting

Low Cost Home Ownership

Other Council Housing Services 

Disabled Facilities Grants - This is a grant given to carry out adaptation works to houses to enable a disabled occupier to use the facilities and get into and around the house

Housing Benefits - Help might be available to help you pay your rent if you have a low income

Right To Buy - Information on buying your Council house.


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Ashfield and Mansfield Homefinder

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