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Private Sector Housing Enforcement

The Council offers a number of services relating to private sector homes

These include:

  • complaints of disrepair not being dealt with by landlords
  • standards in houses in multiple occupation (i.e. houses occupied by people who do not form a single household) including amenities, fire precaution/means of escape in case of fire, management standards, and repair
  • licensing of caravan sites
  • filthy and verminous premises
  • harassment
  • illegal eviction
  • advice on Radon gas
  • boarding of empty properties
  • unlawful gypsy encampments.

A Private Landlord's Forum is held twice each year, to which all known private sector housing landlords are invited. Many different organisations attend, such as Police, Fire Service, Revenues and Benefits, and other related organisations to exchange information, share good practice and deliver briefing sessions and legal updates with all landlords.

For further information, or to find out when the next Forum meeting is being held please contact the Private Sector Enforcement Team on 01623 457205.

Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy

Ashfield District Council have published a Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy 2012-14 which you can read or download.

Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy

For further information on Ashfield's Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy, please contact the Private Sector Enforcement Team on 01623 457205 or email privatesectorenforcement@ashfield-dc.gov.uk.

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