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Development Management

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The Development team deals with a range of planning issues that affect the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the Ashfield community.

New structures, modification of existing buildings changing the use of buildings or land are all handled by the Development Management section.

The Development team reviews:

The planning application decision will normally be made in accordance with the development plan, central government guidance and advice and any other 'material considerations'. If the application is successful, planning permission will be granted and the development may go ahead, subject to conditions and timescales.

Planning officers will make about 90% of decisions themselves, through delegated powers in accordance with the Council's delegated arrangements contained within the Code of Conduct for the Planning Service

Development Management pages

Design and Access Statements These are submitted by developers for major applications and some schemes within designated ares; however they can be a useful tool for submitting with other types of applications as they give a broader understanding of the proposal. 

Development briefs A number of publications designed to assist potential developers of particular areas of Ashfield.

Streetlevel Search for a property using this facility and view dynamic maps and publicly available information about the property and the area it is in.

Contact us Address, telephone and email details for the Design Advice and Control Section.

Ashfield District Council works in partnership with the Planning Portal to provide services and information about the planning system.

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