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Planning application guidance

This section contains guidance and information on all matters dealt by the Development team.

HouseThis section will help you establish if you need planning permission and help you through the planning process if it is required.

Please visit "Planning forms" to download the relevant forms for your development.

The Calendar of Council Planning committee meetings is also available to view online. The agenda for forthcoming meetings is available approximately 10 days before the meeting.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Development Team

Planning Portal

Ashfield District Council works in partnership with the Planning Portal to provide services and information about the planning system.

East Midlands Planning

Do you need independent planning advice but cannot afford a consultant?Call Planning Aid for free advice on 0870 850 9802.

Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional town and country planning advice to people that cannot afford a consultant. Assistance is provided via the Advice Helpline and the Community Planning outreach programme. Planning Aid forms part of a national charity and is run by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

For free advice call the Helpline 0870 850 9802 or email

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